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July 13, 2017


Transcranial Direct Stimulation

July 13, 2017

We all know what coma looks like thanks to multitudes of Hollywood movies and productions that instructed us in the true meaning of being alive but simply not there. And while it is true for a lot of comatose people, a big part of those affected are also what we may describe as in and out. These people are experiencing what medical professionals and specifically neurologists call “Minimal consciousness”. The minimally conscious can be aware at times of what is going on around them and but aren’t able to communicate. This can be extremely frustrating for relatives and most certainly for the patients themselves as well. Continue Reading…



July 13, 2017

Ebola is a strong virus that first surfaced about 40 years ago. When it first appeared, the disease hit a small village in central africa, costing the lives of 280 of the people who contracted it. Thankfully the virus was contained to that village at the time and wasn’t much of a threat in the recent decades since then. However, last year the virus made headlines as it rampaged through West Africa infecting more than seven thousand people and killing more than three thousand four hundred of the infected. This massive loss prompted the World Health Organization to declare a red alert and urge all scientists to focus on defeating this deadly disease as soon as possible. Continue Reading…